The Welkin: Chosen

Photo by Bhumil Chheda on Unsplash

This is the first part of a new serial fantasy fiction series I’m writing. Here is a random snippet for you and the link to the site, so you can read the whole thing.

“Fear is a waste of emotion, a distraction. I will not give it place,” she intoned by rote under her breath. “This is the day appointed for my Selection, and duty comes first. I will accept the path chosen for me by the Sajan whose wisdom provides order, strength, and safety for us all.

The ancient dictums had been handed down for so many rotations, no one alive now could remember their origin. The Sajan guarded the Codex and ensured its dictums were ingrained in all the people of Byzahn.” Read More…

I would appreciate it if your feedback in the comments section on the CHW site. At the end of the story, scroll down past my author’s bio until you find it.

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