The Welkin: Freefall

Photo by Susanne Karl on Unsplash

The other Novices disappeared quickly, confirming Halley’s suspicion that their parents were from the Air. Fargo stood a little off to her right, looking as confused as she felt. 

“Novice Halley, you will follow me,” the Elder ordered. As she rushed to catch up, she glanced over her shoulder and noticed that Fargo was following Kyrie.

Once they had left the big chamber, she found herself climbing down two more flights of stairs carved into the rock. Her footing wasn’t sure until she reached a path that master hewers had created. Halley began making mental notes, picking out landmarks so she could find her way back to the big chamber if that was the common meeting area.

“No, the assembly chamber is used for ceremonies and for addressing all members of the Welkin at once. All meals are eaten together in the Klaven. I will come and get you in the morning and show you the way,” Ryvka stated.

“Thank you, Elder. I will learn quickly,” she said as she bowed. Did he read her thoughts?

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