Land Of The Living Skies

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Rolling prairie is not barren tundra,
devoid of life be it flora or fauna.
The vast open grasslands beckon
calling to the wild inside us all.

Gopher heads peer out from holes,
watching antelope jump and play.
Buffalo roam the open country
or hunker in tree-shaded sloughs

Vibrant life in golden fields of wheat,
echoed in the hawk’s piercing scream.
Horned owls send their haunting refrain
ricocheting as they pinpoint their prey.

Living skies dance far above the land,
lightening flashes and thunder rolls. 
Atmospheric percussions shake
the bones of the earth’s foundation.

Arctic air descends in glorious splendour, 
creating luminous green vibrating ribbons.
Synchronized auroras in celestial dance
awaken imagination in wonder-filled eyes.

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