Mortal Symphony

Image by Mark Schaefer from Pixabay

establishes order, 
each tick tock,
or ding ping,
metronomic marks
of life engraved along 
neuronic lines,
neutrons and protons 
watch electrons race
nuclei rims.

synchronicity seeks
to break light speed
etched electric memories, 
instantly recalled
via sight, smell 
word or refrain
pulling past into present
with melancholic
timelines merge.

degrades pathways,
atomic dance slows as
cadence changes
counting down
every tick tock, 
or ding ping while
bronchial breezes 
cease to flow
heart’s final beat
spirit soars.

I chose to write this as part of a poetry assignment. For me, poetry either flows freely, taking on a life of its own, or it’s a battle line by line. This poem was the former and a joy to write. The biggest challenge was structuring the stanzas in such a way, that when I read it aloud, there was room for breath, pauses and emphasis on key words.

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