Called To Intercede – Volume 1 is Here!

Available on Amazon in Kindle, and Paperback now.

This is the first volume in an epic series on the call and gift of intercession. I have walked in that call and gift for 35 years and counting. My chapter is in this volume.

Usually intercessors remain in the background, exercising their gifts in their prayer closets, where only God hears and sees. The time is now for intercessors to arise. The days we find ourselves in are evil, and the biggest struggles and darker days lie ahead as we await the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many intercessors feel disconnected. They feel alone in their assignments, cut off from in-person prayer meetings and conferences. It’s been a hard season, but that’s about to change. “No Intercessor Left Behind” is the motto of the movement born out of the vision of Dr. Monique Rodgers.

This series is for every intercessor who has become weary on the battlefield; for every one who knows they pray differently than others and wonders why; for the younger generations; for the older generations – there is no retirement. It’s time for intercessors to become equipped, encouraged, and filled anew with Holy Spirit power, strategies, and wisdom for every assignment.

We are an army, not bound by distance, standing shoulder to shoulder as we advance together to take ground back from the enemy, snatch the lost souls out of the kingdom of darkness and into the eternal kingdom of The Light, bought and paid for by Jesus’ blood shed on the cross. Together we will do that; together we will stand, and we will not give up one grain of sand!

There is a great awakening coming and we must prepare.

Our Bridegroom is coming… are you ready?

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