An Unwanted Companion

DANNY G / UnSplash

took up residence
without permission
stealing everything
it came in contact
with including my

in despair’s dark lair
embers spark to flame
fear whispers lies
into both my ears
stirring latent fears

in kaleidoscopic haze
neurologic degradation
interlocked nerves sparking
triggering spastic legs into

tormenting burning pain
invading each cell
as inflammation
seizes the knees first
stealing my balance

wheels keep me moving
while fatigue assaults
twin torturers now
traumatizing loss
cruel limits resetting my

twenty-four, seven
against the onslaught
that incessantly
wears my Spirit thin
Your bottle catches my

flying the mental coup
distraction within words
ignoring your shout
as flames blaze aloud
flinging me beyond the

grips me tightly in its vice
sparked by rain and ice
barometric pressure flux
with humidity soaring
spasticity squeezing silent

battered, bruised, bleeding
pleading for angelic arrival
ears listening intently for
trumpet fanfare ringing
proclaiming Jesus’

This poem reverberates with my emotions and thoughts. I began to write poetry to process my life with Cerebral Palsy when I was thirteen years old. Forty years later, I continue using this medium because it’s a therapeutic way of venting anger, frustration, depression, despair, hope and faith.

As I get older, I also know the value of poetry as a vehicle for my voice to be heard. It is my prayer that these words gave you a glimpse inside the reality of my life. I hope you paused a few moments to connect with me. My life experiences are much different from yours. I hope it made you think and consider the way in which you treat or disregard people who are disabled.

I hope, if you deal with Cerebral Palsy, my words resonate with you. You are not alone, your life matters, and I see you.

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3 thoughts on “An Unwanted Companion

  1. You’ve written this poem with such grace and introspection. You’ve given me a glimpse into your life and your pain. With that said, you’ve also given me a glimpse into your hope, your faith, and your strength. ♥

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