The Courage To Bounce Back… Again!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Have you ever been excited at opportunities opening up and new possibilities appearing on the horizon?

It’s an amazing feeling and one to cherish, but it can be a distraction that allows the enemy to blindside you; shifting your reality in a literal second.

On April 25th, that second struck as my physical body crashed to the floor, fracturing my left shoulder. Instead of attending my Zoom graduation as a new Ghostwriter that night, I lay battered and broken in a hospital bed.

I spent the next three weeks there and was transferred to another town 90 minutes away to a transitional care bed in a care facility (a.k.a. a nursing home) two weeks ago, yesterday. I worked with the physical therapist there twice a day Monday to Friday. My recovery will continue at home now, which includes more equipment, and visits by home care nurses.

The five weeks away from home provided lots of time to pray and reflect. It was painful and frustrating with a day or two of emotional meltdowns. Through all of it, God has been with me. He is true to His word that He will never leave or forsake us.

My asking, seeking, and knocking revealed a pattern that’s repeated itself multiple times throughout my 54 years of life so far. Now that I am aware of the enemy’s tactics, I choose to stand in the authority given to me through Jesus’ death and resurrection. I am a blood-bought child of God; a daughter of the Most High; and a Warrior whose weapons are not of this world.

This pattern stops now. I will remain alert and counter the backlash before it can be unleashed. I will pray and find the ones He sends as my personal intercessors. I need their prayers and heavenly strategies as I step into the new chapter He has set before me.

Can you relate? Are there specific patterns that play out over and over again in your life?

Ask God to show you and give you the strategies necessary to nullify the enemy’s attacks. Our foe is already defeated. Yes, he prowls around like a roaring lion, but he’s toothless. Do not give fear a foothold because fear is what he uses to hold you captive.

God has a destiny that only you can fulfill because He created you for that purpose and for His own Glory. So, shake off the chains of despair and hopelessness as you allow Holy Spirit to touch and exchange them for the truth of your Hope in Him. Silence the voices that whisper the lies that you are not worthy, ready, or able.

Courage is the quiet determination to overcome the setbacks and obstacles, regardless of how much time it takes or adaptations that are necessary. Each time I am faced with this, it seems to be at a more intense or severe level. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible with God.

Jesus is the rock that I stand on, and my anchor through every storm. He is the strong tower I run into and am safe.

If you are reading this and don’t know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, would you like to? If so, click the Contact tab at the top of the page and send me a message. It would be my greatest privilege to introduce you.

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