Book Cover Reveal

I am so excited to announce that my debut Christian Contemporary novel, Sister Lost, is being released on March 1/23 on Amazon. This is the final version of the book cover and I am very pleased with it.

A big shout out to Geoff Phillips, Artist extraordinaire and personal friend, who generously offered to create the front cover and did so on painted canvas! The photo below gives an indication of its size as it leans up against a bookshelf. Amazing!

I will provide more information in the next few weeks re: the Amazon link and details about the book without any spoilers, I promise.

This novel is set in Toronto, Canada and various other locations within this country, some real and some fictional. All the spelling is Canadian, so I ask my US and International readers to keep that in mind. For those that don’t know, Canadian spelling is a mixture of UK, US, and French spelling. Imagine our spelling tests at school… but I am bunny trailing.

Next week I will be posting more information about a contest I will be running the first few weeks in March. As the release date approaches I will post again about other things I have lined up, but want to withhold until closer to that date.

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