A New Beginning

Our new kitchen, before the movers arrived.

New beginnings can be exciting and full of hope, or stressful with challenges and uncertainty. Sometimes it’s a rollercoaster ride running the whole gamut of those emotions and everything in between.

That’s what this move has been like.

Our house was on the market for six months, which isn’t long for Saskatchewan’s real estate. When it sold it felt like it happened suddenly.

Our focus shifted from being the seller to being the buyer. We’d done our homework, but all of the homes for sale we had bookmarked to look at when our house sold, were gone when it was time to look.

So, we shook that off and started house hunting in earnest. We called realtors, booked appointments to see houses, took three road trips which covered thousands of miles, put in three offers, paid for two house inspections… and had absolutely nothing four days before the new owners took possession of the house we began to pack up.

Both house inspections failed and we walked away from tens of thousands of dollars in major repairs. The final house I couldn’t get my wheelchair through the doorways. Oh, and that was after a video walk through with the realtor for that house. His measurements created an bubble of anticipation that was burst the instant my chair could not clear the sides of the doorways.

The next four days were a whirlwind of packing and finding a storage place for our belongings. To say it was stressful would be an understatement! As the movers pulled away, then two adults, one cat, a walker, a wheelchair, multiple suitcases and bags, plus other important items were loaded into the SUV and we began a three-hour trip southwest to a town we had yet to look in.

It was late when we arrived at the hotel. Thankfully, we had a reservation. Little did we know but it would become our home for the next twenty days. We looked at every vacant house that appeared to meet our requirements in that town and in others south and southeast of it. After running out of choices we agreed to look at one house on short notice. We then booked a second showing and made an offer conditional on a house inspection. It was countered and we accepted. Compared to the other two inspections, this one came back with very minor maintenance and repairs. We removed conditions and took possession on April 17th.

Unpacking is much more time consuming than packing is. We’ve been here nineteen days and have finished, except for sorting through the last few things. Tomorrow our internet will finally be hooked up. Being rural, it will be at a much slower speed. Anything will be better than this roaming and piggybacking off our phones. That being said, we are grateful to have them.

Now, if I could only find the power cord for my desktop computer!

I’ve ordered a replacement, and Amazon says it will be here May 8th. I am longing to type properly again. One finger on phone and tablet is painfully slow. I may have to wait another six days, but I am keeping watch on the tracking updates, and my fingers and toes crossed.

So, we’re almost back into a regular routine. Another few days or maybe a week and we can really start to focus on other things: getting out into our community and checking out businesses, the restaurant and lone coffee house. I also want to pop into the library and the drop-in centre.

Through all of the tasks and practical things we’ve had to deal with and a few that are outstanding, we continue to seek God’s guidance and ask Him to direct us to those connections He has for us to fulfill His plans and purposes. It’s not clear yet, but we get little glimpses each day.

4 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. I am relieved that you are finally getting a feeling of normalcy back. I know it’ll be a relief to you also when you can sit at your computer and type on a keyboard again. 🙂

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