The Welkin: Freefall

Photo by Susanne Karl on Unsplash The other Novices disappeared quickly, confirming Halley’s suspicion that their parents were from the Air. Fargo stood a little off to her right, looking as confused as she felt.  “Novice Halley, you will follow me,” the Elder ordered. As she rushed to catch up, she glanced over her shoulder … Continue reading The Welkin: Freefall

The Welkin: Chosen

Photo by Bhumil Chheda on Unsplash This is the first part of a new serial fantasy fiction series I'm writing. Here is a random snippet for you and the link to the site, so you can read the whole thing. “Fear is a waste of emotion, a distraction. I will not give it place,” she … Continue reading The Welkin: Chosen

Collateral Damage

This is a new poem that I wrote after all the events and fallout of Covid had taken its toll one day last week. I realized that I had an opportunity to speak for every person who battles chronic illnesses and/or disability. The words flowed out into a raw, emotional poem. I put it all … Continue reading Collateral Damage

The Music Box

Photo from Unsplash After writing a number of multi-part stories for Coffee House Writers, I have decided to write true short stories again. Today my new short story has been published. I started off writing short stories of various lengths. It is a challenge to begin and end a story within the 2,000 word requirement.  … Continue reading The Music Box

My Copy of the Anthologies Arrived!

Arrived December 29, 2020 I am over the moon! My copies of the Coffee Writers 2 Volume Anthology arrived yesterday. It seemed surreal to hold them in my hands after a year of writing, submitting, working with numerous editors and a final proofread before it was sent to the printers. I am actually holding real … Continue reading My Copy of the Anthologies Arrived!

The Final Chapter of Aileen’s Journey

Personal picture taken in Cathedral Grove Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada on March 30/12 What are the ramifications of the judge's ruling?Is the battle over or just this skirmish?How will Aileen make use of her farm, since she's not a farmer? These are some of the questions that are answered, in this final instalment … Continue reading The Final Chapter of Aileen’s Journey

Coffee House Writers Anthology Book 2: Fiction Released Today!

Today is a very exciting day! The second volume in the Coffee House Writers Anthology was released today. This is the volume of fiction: a great collection of many different genres. I have two stories featured in Volume 2 and I am thrilled to say one of them is the prologue to the novel I … Continue reading Coffee House Writers Anthology Book 2: Fiction Released Today!

CHW Anthology, Volume 1: NonFiction And Poetry Is Available Now!

The first volume of Coffee House Writers 2020 Anthology was released yesterday, Dec. 8, 2020. This Anthology features poetry and nonfiction, submitted by twenty four plus authors - all regular contributors on the CHW online publishing platform, which does resemble a magazine. This is a vibrant community of writers dedicated to the pursuit of writing … Continue reading CHW Anthology, Volume 1: NonFiction And Poetry Is Available Now!

The Countdown Begins!

Courtesy Coffee House Writers Available soon! Coffee House Writers is releasing two anthologies! With over one hundred pieces total, there is something for everyone in these collections. Paperbacks of both will be available internationally on the two release days as well! Volume 1: Poetry & Nonfiction releases December 8. Pre-order digital copies here:  Volume 2: … Continue reading The Countdown Begins!