Short Stories

The Welkin: Freefall

The other Novices disappeared quickly, confirming Halley’s suspicion that their parents were from the Air. Fargo stood a little off to her right, looking as confused as she felt. 

“Novice Halley, you will follow me,” the Elder ordered. As she rushed to catch up, she glanced over her shoulder and noticed that Fargo was following Kyrie.

Once they had left the big chamber, she found herself climbing down two more flights of stairs carved into the rock. Her footing wasn’t sure until she reached a path that master hewers had created. Halley began making mental notes, picking out landmarks so she could find her way back to the big chamber if that was the common meeting area.

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The Welkin: Chosen

“It’s almost time.” 

Halley took one last look at her reflection in the shiny kettle on the old wood stove. Her thick auburn hair lay in one braid down her back. She wore a simple navy blue dress with a small white collar. 

The dress touched the floor as she walked toward the front door. Her mother had gone ahead with Halley’s pack, which contained only her brushes and undergarments. The rest of her clothing would remain in the house until someone from Supply came to get them. 
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The Knowing

Cambri stood up and stretched her thin skeletal arms towards the cave’s ceiling. She could not remember her last meal. Bark tea had been her only food and drink for days now, ever since she escaped the enclosure. 

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The Music Box

Savannah wiped her sweaty brow with the bandana holding her long, thick, raven hair back. She was four hours into her move and it felt like a year had passed.

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Deep Roots

The hotel room door clicked shut behind her. Aileen dropped her overnight bag and collapsed onto the queen-sized bed. Her head was pounding and she heard the sound of the judge’s gavel reverberating like a tuning fork through her whole being again.

Mosaic Heart

The alarm sounded, dragging Laurel out of yet another nightmare. She forced herself to take slow, deep breaths as she turned the alarm off and turned the bedside lamp on. It was a small room, holding a single bed, a bedside table, a dresser with a mirror, and a desk.

Safe Harbour

A figure wrapped in a blanket, stirred slowly as the waves lapped against the sandy shore. A shadow hid the face that was turned skyward watching the sun as it dipped slowly below the horizon, its golden rays fading from red to pink against the outline of encroaching clouds.    

A Change of Heart

Holly sat up in bed, as another nightmare jolted her awake. The clock beside her bead read 3:00 a.m. in orange neon light. With a sigh of frustration, she flipped on her bedside light. That story on the news was replaying in her dreams!

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