Called To Intercede Anthologies

Created in Canva by Heather Hancock This is the first multi-book anthology on Intercessory Prayer ever printed! There are rumblings of a Volume 8 coming, so I won't say it's complete! Volumes 1-4 focus solely on Intercessory Prayer. What is it? What is it not? These pages are filled with tips, strategies, and personal experiences … Continue reading Called To Intercede Anthologies

Called To Intercede – Volume 1 is Here!

Available on Amazon in Kindle, and Paperback now. This is the first volume in an epic series on the call and gift of intercession. I have walked in that call and gift for 35 years and counting. My chapter is in this volume. Usually intercessors remain in the background, exercising their gifts in their prayer … Continue reading Called To Intercede – Volume 1 is Here!