About Heather

Author, Editor, & Ghostwriter

I was born very premature and have lived with Cerebral Palsy my entire life. I faced every form of abuse possible growing up, as well as discrimination and persecution, most of which stemmed from ignorance, misconceptions, and fear.

I fell in love with books the moment I was introduced to the school library when I was six years old! I was eight when I wrote the first five chapters of a sci-fi story on yellow lined paper. At thirteen, I began writing poetry as a way of expressing and processing my emotions. As an adult, I earned two certificates from The Institute of Children’s Literature, and I focused on writing short stories for Teens and YA magazines in the 1990s.

I have non-fiction articles published on The Mighty. I have five entries published in Coffee House Writers 2 Anthologies (Dec. 2020); I’m a Co-author in The Survivor Memoirs: Childhood Sexual Abuse (Feb.2021); I’m an Amazon Best Selling Co-author in the Called To Intercede Anthologies – Volume 1 (Jan. 2022), & Volume 7 (Feb. 2022).

My first Contemporary Christian fiction novel, Sister Lost, is available on Amazon in paperback format. I will be working on the e-book and hope to release that in July 2023. I also have a poetry book I will begin working on with plans to publish in October 2023.

Writing is a way for me to tell my stories and share my experiences so my voice is heard. As a Ghostwriter, I get to partner with Holy Spirit, to help others share their unique stories.

I help women who have been through similar experiences to find healing and wholeness, and my writing plays a part in that as well. I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ for 41 years and counting.

Outside of writing, I love reading, crocheting, and attending church activities. I live with my husband and cat, Willow, in a small town in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada.

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