About Heather

Author, Editor

I was born very premature and have lived with Cerebral Palsy my entire life. I faced every form of abuse possible growing up, as well as discrimination and persecution, most of which stemmed from ignorance, misconceptions, and fear of my disability.

I fell in love with books the moment I was introduced to the school library when I was six years old! I was eight when I wrote the first five chapters of a sci-fi story on yellow lined paper. At thirteen, I began writing poetry as a way of expressing and processing my emotions. As an adult, I earned two certificates from The Institute of Children’s Literature, and I focused on writing short stories for Teens and YA magazines in the 1990s. I am a writer for The Mighty and have multiple non-fiction articles published on their site. I’m an Editor and Writer for Coffee House Writers. My poems have been published in Coffee House Writer’s STANZAS online magazine. In my spare time, I’m working on editing my adult Christian Contemporary fiction novel, and working on an adult fantasy novel.

Writing is a way for me to tell my stories and share my experiences so my voice is heard. I help women who have been through similar experiences to find healing and wholeness, and my writing plays a part in that as well. I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ for 38 years and counting.

Outside of writing, I love reading, crocheting, and attending church activities. I live with my husband and cat, Willow, in a small town in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada.

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