Fire Within

of orange and red
flicker, twist, dip, and bow in
a mysterious
counterpoint dance
tiptoeing on edge as
music orchestrates
in staccato fashion
crackles, pops, and snaps
punctuate the ancient dance
mesmerizing human eyes

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Somewhere In Havana

My headlights reveal only where we are going, 
not where we have been—I am not in control. 
Another takes my wheel and sets me in motion
in a direction not of my choosing.

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Silent No Longer

wielded as a weapon
explode within my heart
shredding love and trust
locking fear as a collar

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Collateral Damage

unleashed microscopic menace
from virus to pandemic
media spins its dire warning
while leaders put the world in

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Blizzard’s Rage

Trees skeletal and still stretch skyward
like sentinels watching over the land.
White clouds cover the living skies as
a breeze kicks up whispering its warning.

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Survival: A Poem

A piercing cry
commands my attention,
eyes alert and searching through
the snow-framed window pane,
along sleeping branches
blanketed in frigid white,
rocked by arctic wind.

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Autumn’s Palette

Autumn colours in many hues
orange and red resemble fire,
while brown and gold pay their dues
a vibrant dance that must inspire.

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Soul Song

Sunrise fades to sunset,
sunshine, rain and snow.
The seasons blur together
as time swirls around me,
without saying hello.

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Musical Ride

It thunders like a herd of stallions galloping
across the skies,
Hooves striking off the elements sending sparks
shooting in all directions,
As jagged molten forks set clouds on fire
exploding ancient trees.

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Your silence hovered as heavy as a thunderstorm,
while guilt lashed your sails and ran you aground.

You cried tears of endless anguish replaying
harsh words spoken like lightening splitting rock.

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As a caterpillar crawls in slow motion
rippling over the dust,
so I plod inch by inch, step by step
as others rush past.
They are blind to my presence as
rhythmic feet kick up opaque clouds
blinded I stand with my face as flint
determined to finish my race well.

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The True North Strong And Free!

The True North has weakened and lockdown turns homes into castles or prisons
against a microscopic invader hidden for days while invisible copies lay
store windows stare blankly as closed signs flicker in rows of neon unison.

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Tear Catcher

Knees butchered by surgeon’s knife
three times crossed an unseen line

Years of torture strain the heart
persevering scars cover mine

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Sun’s rays refract through rain,
creating multi-faceted hues in
wondrous bows of colour-
God’s promise to the earth.


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Victor’s Pawn

arrows find their mark,
subtle thoughts twist reason
fear finds its familiar home.

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