Black & White photo of woman with long hair staring out a window.

Soul Song

Sunrise fades to sunset,
sunshine, rain and snow.
The seasons blur together
as time swirls around me,
passing by without saying hello.

I am an observer,
not a participant.

Signals fly from nerves
to muscles and joints.
Others run past my window
their minds lost in thought,
freedom taken for granted.

I am acutely aware of
each painful step.

Pressures and obligations drive
hamsters on a wheel.
Time becomes relative,
as life whirls by in
a kaleidoscope of colour.

I appreciate the intricate beauty
of each moment.

Apart from the world,
and yet a part.
Cast aside like a
broken toy no one
wants to play with.

I am invisible,
a casualty of intolerance.

Solitude carves deep thoughts,
revealing ancient paths.
My way is twisted and narrow,
requiring wisdom and faith,
as I follow in His footprints.

My beauty radiates outward
forged in the furnace of pain.

Take the time to listen,
and see through my eyes.
Let your striving cease
and breathe deeply,
you can learn from me.

Hear my soul song,
come sing with me!

Thin Places

A door has shut without recourse
now flung aside I bleed out red
my footing gone, my vision’s fled
unseen by those without remorse.

Each painful breath inflames my heart,
I try to speak but silence mocks
as spastic legs and crooked socks
deny my dreams now torn apart.

For those who see beyond the night,
my worth is found outside this skin
another realm, a place that’s thin
angelic fight with swords of light.

An Unwanted Companion

took up residence
without permission
stealing everything
it came in contact with
including my

in despair’s dark lair
embers spark to flame
fear whispers lies
into both my ears
stirring latent fears

in kaleidoscopic haze
neurologic degradation
interlocked nerves spark
spastic legs into rigid

tormenting burning pain
invading each cell
as inflammation
seizes the knees first
stealing my balance

wheels keep me moving
while fatigue assaults
twin torturers now
traumatizing loss
cruel limits reset my

twenty-four seven
against the onslaught
that incessantly wears
my spirit thin
Your bottle captures my

fly the mental coup
distraction within words
ignoring Your shout
as flames blaze aloud
Flinging me beyond the

grips me in its vice
sparked by rain and ice
barometric pressure flux
with humidity soaring
spasticity squeezing silent

battered, bruised, bleeding
pleading for angelic arrival
ears listening intently for
trumpet fanfare ringing
proclaiming Jesus’

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