Humanity Lost

Grief and loss most profound

Teeters on shaking ground

Molten rivers of tears

Erupt from latent fears

Mouth silenced by a mask

Pressured to take the vaxx

Division, hatred, strife

Slowly devalues life

Media’s shame and blame

Stokes embers into flames

As depression taunts

Loss of freedom haunts 

Our dreams.

A Moment Outside Of Time

My twelfth summer – the ocean of my innocence – cast an asteroid into my sea – pulling me down, like a milestone around my neck. Gigantic ripples broke the time barrier, touching every moment forward, etching every word wielded as a whip, like the rings inside a tree.

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Haze hangs like a shroud,
blocking out the sun
blue skies turn to beige
streaked with red and orange
pale ash falling as
acrid snow.

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Thin Places

A door has shut without recourse,
now flung aside I bleed out red
my footing gone, my vision’s fled
unseen by those without remorse.

Each painful breath inflames my heart,
I try to speak but silence mocks
as spastic legs and crooked socks
deny my dreams now torn apart.

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Land Of The Living Skies

Rolling prairie is not barren tundra,
devoid of life be it flora or fauna.
The vast open grasslands beckon
calling to the wild inside us all.

Gopher heads peer out from holes,
watching antelope jump and play.
Buffalo roam the open country
or hunker in tree-shaded sloughs

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Fire Within

of orange and red
flicker, twist, dip, and bow in
a mysterious
counterpoint dance
tiptoeing on edge as
music orchestrates
in staccato fashion
crackles, pops, and snaps
punctuate the ancient dance
mesmerizing human eyes

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Collateral Damage

unleashed microscopic menace
from virus to pandemic
media spins its dire warning
while leaders put the world in

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Blizzard’s Rage

Trees skeletal and still stretch skyward
like sentinels watching over the land.
White clouds cover the living skies as
a breeze kicks up whispering its warning.

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Survival: A Poem

A piercing cry
commands my attention,
eyes alert and searching through
the snow-framed window pane,
along sleeping branches
blanketed in frigid white,
rocked by arctic wind.

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